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Harmonica Type 3


With again a different design from type 1 and 2, type 3 keep the same technical features as its predecessors.
It can be done on the Hohner Golden Melody and Crossover reedplates.

DT-T3_010Covers at the reedplates size. They do not hurt the lips anymore.

DT-T3_016Like type 2, type 3 is round that will not tire your hand.

T3-cross-Amourette-AmaranteThe slide, provided by a very strict varnishing (standard “food contact”) is far superior to metal harmonicas.

DT-T3_019There are also the exclusive design(exclusive design submitted): Notes of the key are marked by an inlay.

DT-T3_020A metal seal is embedded in the wood to ensure a perfect seal and an always identical wedging after disassembling.

DT-T1-visserieThe inserts system is also reported on the type 3.

DT-T3-Vis-022It makes covers independent and greatly facilitates disassembly.

DT-details-visType 3 has also added two screws for perfect clamping plates on the comb.
The installation can be done without screws on request when ordering

DT-taillesDimensions of Types 1,2 and 3 compared to factory Crossover

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