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The Combs

The classic comb


Sanded, varnished, polite, here, only the used wood will give the timbre to the harmonica.
It then interesting to adapt comb following the tones of your set.

The Warm Tone ( W.T.) comb


It is designed to warm the stamp of a very hard wood or accentuate the warmth of a soft wood.
Silicone inserts are placed inside to absorb vibrations. These inserts can be removed and so provide additional nuance.

This comb can be mounted on each of the harmonicas. Just specify when ordering.

The sound examples below were made with the same plates, the same covers and recorded without any effect. The wood is olive tree.

DT-sommier-olivierThe classic comb made of olive wood


DT-sommier-wt-sThe Warm Tone comb made of olive wood


DT-sommier-wt-cThe Warm Tone comb without insert

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